[ the A-Team ]

Artists. Believers. Pirates. Protagonists. Star Wars Nerds. Optimists.
These are our people. This is Arts ink.



Amy Newton

The Gist:

  • Ginger with an attitude
  • BS in Theater and Music Performance from Lawrence University
  • Teen-Lit enthusiast
  • Rubber ducky tattoo haver
  • Newcastle lover 

Amy is a working mother of five (Beckett, Sawyer, husband, cat and her newest “baby,” Arts ink) and she wouldn’t have it any other way. That ducky tattoo on her foot has a meaning — to remind her to let things roll off her back like water off of a duck. And she does. Amy is an exceptional planner, strategist, beer-drinker, listener, manager, communicator, confidant and friend. You’ll see. She will have you immersed in an in–depth conversation and you can literally see her wheels turning — and she’s tracking it all. Oh, and she really knows her way around a spreadsheet, too.

Amy has for her entire life, loved the arts and the non-profit world. When asked if she still uses her acting skills, she replies, “Every day.” From marketer, concepter, writer, seller, and so on, the woman has done it all. After years of working in arts-related fields, Amy was struck by a vision and she executed it: She saw a need in the Twin Cities artistic community for an agency specifically geared to the Arts. From there, Arts ink was born. These days, Amy is motivated by a single-minded focus: to make a positive, meaningful change in the bustling artistic world in which we live. And, make no mistake, when she sets her mind to something, there’s no stopping her.

At Arts ink, Amy is not only our CEO and co-founder, but she’s also our source for inspirational energy and don’t forget: laughter. She’s a jokester who is most-often amused by her own humor — which makes her all the more charming. She’s a visionary. Amy has this power to get clients and employees alike ultra jazzed about what could be and if that’s not enough, she also finds ways to make it happen. We’re just glad we get to be around to watch.




Danielle Capan

The Gist:

  • Buys wine solely based on the design of the label
  • Only child
  • Straight shooter
  • Has never seen Top Gun
  • BS in Advertising, Minor in Art & Design

Voted most likely to make a list and to have multiple colored highlighters to cross things off said list — all held in some bright, fashion-forward, wish-you-had-one notebook. Danielle is a go-getter who works as hard as she plays. She has mad skills in graphic design, project management, and don’t forget — baking. Here’s the deal — if she’s on your project, you can sit back and have a cold one.

As Arts ink’s Senior Project + Creative Director, she is the master of keeping you (and us) on track … without being your worst nightmare. She’ll tell you what to do, when to do it and how to maximize your time. Sit back and enjoy — it’s a fun, productive and highly enjoyable ride when you’re working with Danielle. When you get a chance, meet her in person and ask her about her fixer-upper, favorite Bloody Marys, and Harry Potter. She’s bubbly, sassy and impossible not to love. And, that smile? Please. Bazinga.



The Gist:

  • AAS in Visual Communications (best in class) at Brown College
  • Can watch HGTV until her eyeballs pop
  • Makes a mean home-made pizza — it’s all about the fermentation
  • Has seen virtually no animated movies, much to the other Arts inkers’ dismay
  • Adores reading Bon Appétit for its drool-worthy layouts (rarely makes the recipes)

Our resident tree-hugger (global warming is real) and Art Director extraordinaire, Leah H. Muntz’s work has been ogled over by the Arts inkers for a decade before we finally got to call her ours.

Leah, pronounced like the beloved Princess Leia (hair buns not included), is innately creative. She started drawing as a youngin’ as her father would threaten to have his children vacuum unseen corners. The hobby gave her great joy and comfort especially through her tween years. From there, she focused her schooling on the visual arts — fast forward 18 years and countless impressive arts and non-profit clients later — we couldn’t be happier that she chose us!

She is soft-spoken with a killer dry sense of humor — she strikes when you least expect it. This craft market loving cutie continually impresses us with her strong work ethic, easy-going attitude, fresh ideas, and unbelievable attention to detail — girl compiles an insane mock up [we love that kind of thing around here]. In addition, Leah rocks the title of “working mom” with style and grace — and darling colored tights — she has a 1 and 4-year-old who continually challenge her creative problem-solving skills and a husband who saves every day in the kitchen.

Leah is the calm in the art storm — there is nary a design too challenging or obstacle that cannot be solved with creativity and a pinch of sarcasm.



Kitty Devine

The Gist:

  • BA in Graphic Design Technology, Minor in Entrepreneurship
  • Involuntary dancer
  • Can do an impressive Gollum impression
  • Considers cheese more of a lifestyle than a food
  • Typography enthusiast

Katelyn Devine, Project Manager + Art Director, is a lean, mean, graphic designing machine.

Aw, who are we kidding? We don’t call her Katelyn, she’s Kitty to us, as deemed by her biggest fan, Danielle. She’s lean — because she walks to the fridge at least 10 times a day to concoct such delicacies as the mac ’n’ cheese burrito and then skips or dances her way back to her desk. Mean? She’s anything but. Kitty is quirky, talented, geeky and loves animated movies, Harry Potter and musicals almost as much as the rest of us. Kitty is wise beyond her years – as evidenced by her remarkable communication style, graphic design skills and her calm, cool and collected nature; all critical skills in the creative chaos that is Arts ink.

Her wand (Voldemort) is indicative of her dark side — wicked good impressions and purposeful placement of ear worm songs into our heads without us even knowing it, evil girl. Sometimes charmingly slow to catch on to our inside jokes, when she eventually does gets it, her belly laugh and wide smile make it all the funnier. Watch out — she can take it as well as she can dish it out, which is just the way we like it.

What would we do without our Kitty? We hope we never find out. Cool story, Bro.



Mary-Kate Carsi

The Gist:

  • BA in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management from Columbia College Chicago
  • Proud Slytherin
  • Maintains an extensive vinyl collection
  • Visits Disney World at least once a year (sometimes six)
  • Obsessed with her dog, Draco… and every other dog she sees

Account Executive Mary-Kate Carsi is truly one-of-a-kind. She will dominate in any kind of musical trivia while watching Harry Potter and entering the latest online contest for concert tickets. (She wins. Every time.) She is always full steam ahead and keeps a strong base of loyal friends who understand her greatest desires in life — coffee, music, and Disney.

Mary-Kate is confident, motivated, and knows what she likes (and doesn’t like). Arts ink loves a strong personality — just look at this list of women — but so do our clients and that is why Mary-Kate fits the bill. She looks out for people, will sometimes bring YOU coffee (because, WINNER), and takes care to let you know you are appreciated. She is nothing but intense, but she is also intentionally thoughtful. We are certain there are many Disney characters for comparison but we will refrain from listing them here…



Every Arts ink project draws on the expertise offered by our extended team of talented designers, writers, project managers, social media experts, marketing and fundraising strategists, and more. You get the best in the biz; Arts ink’s team is comprised of champions.