[ it works ]

At Arts ink, our years in the arts marketing and communications business have helped us figure out a thing or two. First, panic isn’t particularly productive. Second, this should be fun! We’re creative problem solvers, no matter what the circumstances.

Please, don’t assume you can’t afford us. If we weren’t budget aware, we’d be in the wrong biz. If you only have a small amount budgeted for a direct-mail campaign, we’ll figure out how to stretch your dollar. Why? We hope you’ll come back. When you get that huge marketing grant you’ve been dreaming of, we hope we’ll be your first call.

It’s a small world and an even smaller arts world. We work for you because you and your art deserve it. And, it works for us because we love it and want to give back to the community we love. It just works.


Arts ink style:

Calm, cool, collected, always professional. That’s how we roll. We’ve got style and we adapt to the many styles out there. Artistic temperament? Bring it on.

We believe it is our job to make things easier for you. Our clients tell us time and time again, “Thank goodness you have everything under control.” That’s music to our ears.

Nary a freak out will you experience with us. You’ve got enough passion and emotion going on with the artists and the art. We are steadfast and rock solid. We’ve got this. Oh, and we’ve also been told that we’re fun to work with. Bonus.