[ we’re different ]

But we think different is good.

Why are we good at what we do, you ask? We know our stuff. Seriously — we speak your language.

If you mention Antonín Leopold Dvořák, we’re with you. And we’ll be the first to notice if you missed any of those little accents in your collateral piece. Stanislavski vs. Brecht techniques? Well worth a discussion. Deceptive cadence, clavier and pizzicato — all in our vocab. First position or fondu? We’re fond of both.

This familiarity with the arts makes us different. We’re downright geeky about it. We grew up with and in the arts. Partnered with our creative thinking and skills — that’s what makes us different, indeed. Delightfully different.

Arts ink’s formula:  Affordable pricing + great work = an impressive return on investment for our clients.

Before we begin a project, we’ll meet with you to discuss goals and objectives, assess your needs, and review staff strengths and current capacity. From there, we can determine which Arts ink experts best complete your project dream team.

Another way we are different? We work with you for as long or as short of a time as you’d like. Our goal is actually to make you less reliant upon us. We build templates and are more than willing to train your staff to take the process over. Every partnership and proposal has an exit (stage left) plan. If we work together for a short time and make you more self-sufficient, that’s great. We know budgets are tight and work to maximize our time together. If you want to work with us for the long haul — terrific! We hope we exceed your expectations and are your first call when you need more help.

We’re different all right. Different in all the right ways.


Let’s get it started.

First things first: Let’s chat. Sure, send over an email. But eventually we are going to want to meet you, so we can start a relationship.

Our process is simple — we get an idea of what you’re looking for and ask a bunch of questions.  Then we’ll put together a proposal for your consideration. Usually we offer you services in an à la carte fashion. We want you to have the power to control your own costs and utilize your existing team to the best of their abilities. Or we can put together an all-inclusive, project-specific bid. By the time we get to the proposal/bid stage, we’ll both have a pretty good idea where we are headed.

Once you’ve had a chance to review, we’ll discuss and finalize our partnership. A contract will be sent your way and off we go. No surprises and no fuss or muss.

Want to get started? So do we! Places, please.