[ we are ] 

Arts ink is an agency for the arts. What exactly does that mean? Read on.

Here’s the scoop — we’ve worked in, with, for and have loved the arts for many years. When we started Arts ink, we had many ideas and dreams of who, what, when, where, why and how we would define ourselves. So many exciting conversations ensued.

Then we had a revelation. Why not let our clients answer all of the “w” questions? Who are we to decide what they want?! So, we decided to become client-centric. We started asking questions and listening carefully. What are the strengths of your organization and staff? What are you doing exceptionally well and what are your challenges? How can we best help you? Tell us about your art and why you do what you do. Now we were getting somewhere.

The result:  We let each client tell us who, what, when and where they need us to be. We let the artists and organizations (our clients) define our relationship. We learned that every artist, client, organization and budget is different, which means every proposal and every project needs to be tailored to our clients’ unique circumstances. Client-centricity became our mantra. Throw in a healthy dose of arts-centricity and we’ve got something special.


Imagine working with a team who “gets it.”

At Arts ink, we’re not only experts in our fields, we’re artists in our own right. Creativity? Check. Hard work? Check. The pursuit of perfection? You betcha. Out-of-the-box thinking? Yep, we’ve got that, too.

Whether you’re looking for strategic direction, marketing collateral and design, media relations, advertising sales, print brokering, audience development or simply someone to edit materials before they go to press, we’re here to help.

Our ability to deliver results — improved awareness, more ticket sales, increased revenue, an enhanced image or a strategic route to organizational growth — is borne from our knowledge and love of the arts and arts audiences. We get it. Totally.

What is an agency for the arts? You tell us. Who we are and what we do is determined by you.
We complete you.