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Advertising in patron program magazines (super-secret branded code word: Playbills)

In addition to our other services, we offer advertising opportunities within some of our patron program magazines. The benefit to you? Budget-friendly pricing and people who are not looking to ‘sell’ you an ad. It is our job to know your business so well that we only recommend placement in those pubs that are a perfect fit. Plus, we know what’s going on out there. We know the venues, their programming, content of the programming and to how make appropriate suggestions.

We believe in the power of program magazines and the unique way in which you reach arts patrons through this medium. We know, we know – the proof is in the pudding. Check out a few of the benefits of advertising in program magazines.

  • When you advertise in a program, you are perceived as a supporter of the arts. That’s some serious rub-off value right there. And in fact, you are supporting the arts because when you purchase advertising from us, we always give a percentage of the revenue back to the arts organization. It is our pure pleasure to share the wealth. As an agency for the arts, we feel it is our responsibility to support this community in a multitude of ways. Giving back is in our Arts inky blood.
  • They are in their seats, not going anywhere – CAPTIVE AUDIENCE in the house! C’mon – have you ever attended a performance or event when you didn’t look at your program? Or have you ever looked around? Even if it is only to avoid awkward conversations with the person sitting next to them, they are all reading their program. Before, during, after performances, as well as at intermission – they tend to look at every page. Also, these people are in their happy place. They’ve chosen to attend and have set a little time aside from their busy lives to enjoy the rich arts community in which we live. Happy and captive – your ad is set up for success.
  • Dynomite Demographics! The people attending arts performances are the best of the best, in our opinion. Influential, well-educated, community engaged and most with above average household incomes. That’s the stuff. If only we could give you lists of names of the people you will reach, right? Your wish, our command. Just check out the development pages with the lists of corporate sponsors, board members, subscribers and individual givers. These are the people to reach. Dynomite! (As Jimmie from “Good Times” often said.)
  • But, wait. Don’t those people also take their program home with them? Right you are. Most patrons keep their programs as a commemorative collectible. They display them on their cocktail tables, show them to friends and family and keep them forever and ever. Your ad will be viewed over and over again. The reach is wide and desirable.

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