Advertising Opportunities

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We’re thrilled to offer advertising in patron programs for the following:

Ratecard for Artistry's 19-20 Season
Rate Card / Website
Ratecard for Cantus's 19-20 Season
Cantus Vocal Ensemble
Rate Card / Website
Ratecard for Chanhassen Dinner Theatre's 19-20 Season
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres
Rate Card / Website

Ratecard for Children Theatre's 19-20 Season
Children’s Theatre Company
Rate Card / Website
Ratecard for The Cowles Center's 19-20 Season
The Cowles Center
Rate Card / Website
Ratecard for Minnesota Boychoir's 19-20 Season
Minnesota Boychoir
Rate Card / Website

Ratecard for Minnesota Opera's 19-20 Season
Minnesota Opera
Rate Card / Website
Ratecard for Minnetonka Theatre's 19-20 Season
Minnetonka Theatre
Rate Card / Website

Ratecard for Schubert Club's 19-20 Season
Schubert Club
Rate Card / Website
Ratecard for Hennepin Theatre Trust's Spotlight Education Program
Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Spotlight Education
Rate Card / Website
Ratecard for Doors Open Minneapolis' 19-20 Season
Doors Open Minneapolis
Rate Card / Website

Talk to me about rates.

You think these rates are great? Or maybe not? Give us a budget and we’ll work our magic. We want our ads to be affordable for businesses and organizations both big and small to reach these audiences.

Also – we would be downright honored to build a proposal for you that will give you extra-special pricing for multiple insertions in our publications. Whether you buy an ad in one book for their entire season or want to mix it up with ads in a variety of pubs and venues, we can be nimble and flexible. Frequency discounting is all part of our one-stop-shop experience.

What about media/advertising strategy and purchasing?

The media and advertising buying world can be daunting. Not for us. We love a challenge.

We’ve been working in the advertising world for quite some time. You give us your objectives and budget – we’ll make it happen. We know the players, understand the rates game and can get you desirable rates and placement.

Your inbox will thank you. You won’t have to deal with the constant offers, promotions and last-minute remnants from account executives. We’ll take that hit for you and only present offers that we truly believe are spectacular. We can design your ad or work with your designer of choice. We’ll track deadlines and coordinate final approval and artwork submission. Let us be the advertising experts. You enjoy the fruits of our labor.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, give us a shout. We’ll figure it out…together.