At Arts ink, our years in the arts marketing and communications business have helped us figure out a thing or two. We’ve learned that panic isn’t particularly productive. Stay focused and move ahead. We’re creative problem solvers, no matter what the circumstances.

  • our STYLE.

    Calm, cool, collected, always professional. There's nothing you will throw our way that will throw us off. Oh, and we’ve also been told that we’re fun to work with. Talented and fun. What’s not to love?

  • We talk the talk.

    No need to explain the difference between a proscenium and a thrust stage, or worry that we’ll mistake your lead’s grand jeté for an arabesque. We understand the arts, artists, and audiences. We speak artist speak.

  • We walk the walk.

    When we’re not working fiendishly to exceed your expectations, we’re likely at the theater, shouting "Brava!" at a local performance, volunteering for an art crawl, or sipping seltzer at a fundraising event. Artists are our peeps.

We complete you.

Who we are.

What exactly is an agency for the arts?

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What we do.

What we do is determined by you.

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With whom we work.

Oh, how we love a great partnership.

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